Monday, November 19, 2012


So, I haven't written in what seems like forever (but was actually only a couple of months).  This time, it was not out of laziness or lack of desire--rather, lack of ability.  My computer is broken and my mom's computer doesn't have internet access. my smartphone doesn't do the blog-typing thing very well. 

In Summation: 

My life has been a total roller coaster.  In a strange turn of events, I am now working as an artisan baker.  I love it!  The pay is much more consistent than the Exec Chef gig I was offered. I feel much more confident, and the hours allow me to be home with mom much more than the other would have (and even date a little).

As soon as my camera works, I will post pictures of holiday goodies.  Yum. I am looking to keep selling my goodies, hats, scarves, etc., but I have not had time for decent publicity this season (new job, move, medical, boy, etc). The business has had a few setbacks from some summer gigs, but that's life. Confident that things will work out. 

I miss school. I miss campus.  I miss the social life that comes with student housing and student wards. 

I love having a car.  And a paycheck. I love how hard my family is trying to support me. I love fall. and wassail. and spices, and potatoes,, generally. Especially fall food.

I am inching my way forward in my educational pursuits, with the end goal of three degrees:  a BS in Family Studies (emphasis in Human Sexuality and Family Psychology), an associates degree in Culinary Science, and an advanced certificate in a culinary specialty (as yet undetermined).  I want to, someday, go to the Culinary Institute of America.  I keep getting there paperwork in the mail, and I get excited...until I look at the pricetag. Yikes. But, someday. Period, end of sentence. 

 I am looking to buy a guitar, so that I may practice more consistently.  

I now teach music to the Junior Primary. Boy, is that a riot. Any suggestions are welcome. I love my calling, and love sitting down with my mom and thinking of new ways to teach. 

I found a new friend who loves many of the same things I do.  Speaks three languages, wants to speak more.  Brilliantly talented songwriter, plus vocals and instrumentals (but...not drums.  Which actually works well, because that means I can play them, haha).  Likes DCI and marching band. Similar taste in music and decent amount of overlap in movie taste.  And a serious Foodie. SERIOUS foodie. And makes really tasty home-brewed soda.  Knows how to dress.  Excellent sense of humor and sarcasm. Mormon. Also, a boy. Which is super convenient. 

So, life is...intense. Luckily, not in-tents, though sometimes it feels like it (like when the weather stripping is gone from my doors and it's snowing outside and the heater isn't working). 

Maybe, someday, my life will be a little LESS intense.  It seems I pretty much just trade one intensity for another.  
 But, if it doesn't, maybe I'll just market the storyline to TLC and make enough money for culinary school.