Wednesday, November 16, 2011


First: I made souffle Tuesday, for the first time. It turned out pretty well, though I burned the top just a tad. I would post pictures, but it was kind of ugly. So, I will go to Thai Pan trading, buy a souffle dish, and try it again. Then I will post pictures, when it is beautiful.

Also, I made delicious pomegranate-blueberry barbeque sauce and put it over steak and rice for lunch today. That was delicious, made more so because it was almost a disaster. It have about 5 times the vinegar it needed to, and so I negated some with citrus and some with sugar. I really need to write this recipe down, but not right now.

Mostly what that translates into is that I just loaded the pictures on to Facebook instead of here, anyway and I'm tired, I'm getting up in about 5 hours so as to prep dinner before class (And, you know, do the peer edit of a paper on Machiavelli's The Prince before it's due at 9:30am). Oh, college. How I love you.

I just found a method of cooking dulce de leche in a crock pot. Conveniently, I happened to have borrowed a six-quart crock pot from a guy friend of mine earlier this afternoon. How wonderfully marvelous!! I hope this works, and that my can of milk doesn't explode while I am attempting a peaceful night's rest.

I really do have more to my life than food. One of these days, I will post about something that is not food.

Today is not that day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More on Food

So this afternoon, whilst I was attempting to decide on dinner menus for my pseudo-dinner-group (I cook for a guy from my past ward twice a week), a specialty menu (MSG-free) for a group of 7 (including me, who cannot eat dairy or eggs and only limited wheat), dessert ideas for Christmas gifts, and two party menus (appetizers, desserts, drinks for a Christmas open house for approximately 75 people; a 21-year-birthday party for my Beer cousin), I realized something.

I work with food a lot.

A lot, a lot.

The thing I don't do a lot of is use recipes, or measure things. This makes it mildly inconvenient to do a market order for other people to do my grocery shopping, or to track the amounts of food used to properly fill out a cost evaluation of a meal.

This led me to a few conclusions:

--I should marry someone who doesn't mind doing dishes.
--I should marry someone who likes food.
--I should marry someone who...well...I should marry someone, so I have someone to eat my food.

Also, perhaps I should two kitchens. That'd be nice.

This last point prompts me also to mention that, in how much I actually use food, I don't actually eat that much of it. Or perhaps I just don't eat very well. I don't really cook unless I'm feeding someone else, and by the time I've finished cooking, I'm not very hungry. Even if I don't snack while I'm cooking. Also, food tastes better using ingredients I'm allergic to, which is unfortunate.

Which makes me a little annoyed that I am the size that I am. I definitely look like a cook...I just don't eat like one.


I should eat more vegetables. And perhaps I should stop being broken, so I can get fit again.