Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Biting Heads Off

Sometimes, I do not appreciate my life. Well, not even so much that, as I get so bogged down with the "problems" the world throws at me, that I forget the simple joys of life. For example:  Goldfish Crackers. I mean, if you only get to eat one thing, it might as well be Goldfish Crackers. Whole grain, baked little crispy fishies that smile back at you (until you bite their heads off). The nutty goodness of the whole grain compliments the cheddar flavor, and a little extra salt rounds it out to perfection. And with approximately 693 Goldfish in this particular bag, I'm set for a while. 
Plus, the back of the bag is full of knowledge and wisdom, waiting to be absorbed by even the simplest of minds. 

Ironically, I just realized that the bag of this particular bag of Goldfish has an illustrated cartoon of our Goldfish friends Gilbert and Brooke, with the moral of the comic being "CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO FIND THE GOOD IN EVERY SITUATION!
I take it as a sign.
 Also, I'm laughing really hard right now. 

Rule #11: Always keep an eternal perspective. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Late Night Guests

Girls tend to have at least a vague image of a "knight in shining armor": the man who swoops in to save the helpless damsel  in distress.  I confess, I, too, have imagined this sort of situation at times, in a vague, metaphorical way. Many of the metaphorical imaginings vaguely included a nice boy, good conversationalist, similar interests, nice smile, solid friend and trustworthy Man-person (vs a boy-person, which is very different).

But never in those vague, metaphorical imaginings was said KSA wearing a leather jacket, carrying a large case of knives, at two in the morning.

I'm so glad real life is so much better than vague metaphorical imaginings.

Mikey, my brother, you are my hero.