Monday, January 30, 2012

A bunch of Mormons

Oh, man. <3 these guys. 

The Best Remedy

To preface, I have been feeling pretty down lately. Physically, emotionally, mentally, completely drained. I haven't been able to make it to a full block of church in what seems like quite some time, to the temple in even longer.

Today started out no different-- I knew when I woke up I would not make it to church. I actually assumed I would not make it off the couch the rest of the day, and tried to make plans accordingly. I felt sad, weak, Tired, and like a burden to those around me. All this compounded upon the physical infirmities of the last little while made for a very troubled young woman at the start of this Sabbath day.

Through the day, my external circumstances did not improve. In fact, they may have worsened. But this evening, I feel better than I have in a very long while. The change came slowly, and completely unexpectedly, step by step:
-- an accidental visit by the home preachers (which quickly turned into an intentional one-- love those guys!)
-- a relocated-to-my-apartment visiting teaching visit, resulting in strengthened friendships with two beautiful girls
--a phone call from an old friend, resulting in much religious discussion and uplifting conversation
-- priesthood service from the home-preachers (two visits in one day!! I'm so lucky.)
--A random text message from two old roommates
--those two former roommates coming over and letting me help make cute bookmarks for Relief Society sisters
--a ride (I can't really walk far) two blocks south, to look at the (amazing) condo I'm moving into
--sitting on the couch at the new condo (at least it was a change of scenery, if not activity) and having the pleasure of wonderful company the rest of the evening/night/morning. Wonderful company. (They drove me home pretty much as soon as I got brave enough to stand. Turns out, laughing is exhausting [and pretty painful when your innards are mad at you])
--like I mentioned, a ride home and help to the door.

I definitely needed help at that point-- even just sitting and talking and listening can really take it out of a person. My body is beaten down, but my spirit feels lighter than it has all week!