Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Songs of the Heart

Songs are very interesting things. Many people talk about having a "theme song," and I don't know how well I agree with that idea. There are, however, many songs that, taken apart or together, mean a lot to me in my life. Here are some of those:

Life songs--Pictures of Sabina
Beautifully, Jay Brennan
This Is a Call, Thousand Foot Crutch
Break Away, Kelly Clarkson
Smile, Nat King Cole
Songs Sung Blue, Neil Diamond
Dancin' With Myself, Billy Idol
Fighter, Christina Aguilera
In the Middle, Jimmy Eat World
Master, the Tempest is Raging, LDS Hymnbook
Be Still, My Soul, VocalPoint

Make Me Happy Songs
Wild Montana Skies, John Denver
The Impression That I Get, The Bosstones

Wishful Thinking and Good Memories
Night And Day, Ella Fitzgerald
Hero-Enrique Inglesias
Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel), Billy Joel
I Just Called To Say I Love You, Stevie Wonder
Hard Habit to Break, Chicago
Pop! Goes My Heart, Hugh Grant
DJs Got Us Fallin In Love, Usher

All the Right Moves, One Republic
Hey There, Delilah, Plain White Ts
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith


As long as you keep getting born, it's alright to die some times. ~Orson Scott Card

Monday, November 22, 2010

"God would like us to be joyful...

...even when our hearts lie panting on the floor." --Tevye

I have been ridiculously sensitive lately. I guess I just get on overload, and instead of shutting down, I get sensitive. There have been times this last little while that I have felt (sometimes literally) that my heart is lying 'panting on the floor,' as Tevye sings in the musical, Fiddler on the Roof. It'll all work out. Like Harvey Dent reminds us, in The Dark Knight: "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you-- the dawn IS coming."
I know it is. And life will get harder, but that's okay. The Lord will help us do hard things.

Okay, so Miss Always and Boy Who Smiles are sitting on the couch across from me, and Miss Always is ATTEMPTING to instruct Boy Who Smiles on how to properly play with a woman's hair. She is trying to make it clear that playing with a girl's hair is done differently than playing with a boy's hair. It's true. I think he's finally getting it, but it's still not quite natural. Also, he is lucky that Miss Always almost always wears her hair down and straight, because one plays with curly hair differently than one plays with "long, luscious locks" such as hers.

I miss people playing with my hair. Back in the day when I actually took the time to do my hair in the morning, Star would play with it.

Speaking about the days when I would actually do my hair: the other day, I was at He Who Eats My Food's house. He and his roommates (together known as the Lost Boys) were checking out the girls in the ward via the ward directory (um. well. More on that later). They decided that my roommate Burger has the prettiest hair in the ward. As I processed this, it actually made me really happy, because a few days earlier while she was doing my hair, Burger told me my hair was just like hers! Which it is, when I actually take the time to do it in the morning. It looked better when it was longer--much better-- but it is easier to take care of when it's shorter. So, in my I'm-going-to-take-everything-as-a-compliment mind, I decided that since Burger said my hair is just like hers (and it wasn't just me thinking so) and the boys think Burger's hair is the prettiest in the ward, then I have really pretty hair, too! Even though I'm lazy and don't do much with it. Also, someone (the week prior to the Burger-hair conversation) told me that when I take time do do my makeup and outfits like Cheesecake Girl, I look really good. So, the moral of the story is, if I wasn't such a lazy bum, I have the potential to be attractive. ^_^ I was quite pleased.

Speaking of me being a lazy bum, I slept most of the day today. I was up for about an hour in the middle of the day-- enough for correspondence and for a friend to pick up my overdue library books. I then slept until 4:30, when Miss Adorable helped me get up and move all my arm muscles around. My visiting teacher brought me dinner, which was delicious! I felt bad, because she at first asked if she could eat with me, and I answered that I was really tired (thinking I probably wouldn't eat right then). I was still a little asleep I think, but then I woke up and realized (a) it was time to take meds and (b) I was SUPER hungry. So I rescinded my statement and we had quite and enjoyable dinner. I stayed awake afterward, kind of, and watched an episode of TV on Hulu and browsed Netflix. There were quite a few people in and out after that, including a fun visit from my home teachers. (PS, I have extremely attractive home teachers.)

I have an appointment tomorrow, which I hope will help me get some things straightened out. I NEED to be able to do my homework; right now that isn't working so well. :-/ I feel so lost. I have no idea where November even went. o.o No good! It's amazing how closely your body, mind, and spirit work together. When the body isn't feeling well, often I find it drags my brain down. That is mish qwayiss--in a college setting, especially. And I have Christmas gifts to finish!! Bah. I am excited about those, though.

It's nice to know I have so many supportive friends to help me out and love me. It's hard for me to accept help; I guess I'm being compelled to at this point. I know I'll be taken care of. I just wish that I could remember that I know that all the time. I don't get scared easily, but I do get a little down. I suppose that's because I am confident (so I don't get scared much) but impatient (so I forget). Maybe that's why one of the most repeated words in the scriptures is "remember."
That's all I have to do.


Hot Chocolate

Many people have asked for my hot chocolate recipe. The answer is, I don't have one. But here is a basic approximation.

Hot Chocolate:

Butter-- I used a quarterish cup and a little bit. Melt this over med high heat.
Sugar-- add this to butter. I used halfish cup; don't put too much in at the beginning, add it to taste throughout.
Cocoa Powder-- add this to butter/sugar. I like chocolate darker, so I added a handful. This is just baking cocoa. I actually used Dutch cocoa this last time and it was SO GOOD.
Cream-- add a cup of cream to the fudge base. turn down the heat on the stove so you don't burn the mixture.

simmer this for about 5 minutes, add some milk (you'll want quite a bit, the base is pretty strong) and water to taste (this is the final cocoa drink). Heat through and serve.
Refrigerate any leftovers.

Om nom.

Friday, November 5, 2010

So tasty

Okay, so I'm pretty much too lazy to write recipes (or follow them, for that matter)-- they's really more guidelines, than act'ul rules, as Pirates would tell us. However, I just made this for lunch for a friend of mine and it was "tres tasty." So I decided to try to remember what I did. I think I got it all.

Yummy Pasta Chicken Stuff

Some Chicken, cut up in 1/2 in chunks (I used microwave-thawed chicken breasts, but
thighs or whatever is fine)
Cook this in a wok (or a cast-iron pan...or just a pan. Whatever works.)
Cook it til 3/4of the way done, then add squirts of lemon juice (be generous--
probably about 1/4 cup for 1 breast). Add some paprika, and some black pepper
(fresh ground is good, but whatever you have). Try to get the spices directly
on the chicken. Add some crushed ground (or chopped fresh) parsley, add salt
to taste. Cook until chicken is no longer pink, or a little longer to carmelize the lemon juice.
When the chicken is done, add a medium tomato, chopped up into tiny chunks. Heat over warm burner until tomato is warm and the flavors are blended.

A couple minutes before you add the spices to the chicken...

Some whole wheat Penne Rigate (cheap at Walmart or Winco)
Cook this al dente. Then drain well, put back in pan, and add:

2 T butter (I measure this stuff cuz it's on the side when you cut it haha)
Garlic Powder to taste (get all the clumps out)
a little Onion Powder
a titch of paprika

Put over warm (not hot or you'll burn the pasta) burner to melt the butter; add some parsley (to make it look fancy... and taste good) and some Parmesan Cheese.

The chicken should be done. Put the pasta in a bowl or on a plate and put the chicken on top. Add more Parmesan cheese (or cheddar tastes good, too), pray, and serve with apples/grapes and ice water.

So tasty.