Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pictures to Paint 1.4

Songs of Innocence 
My lover smiles and holds me near—
The morning’s wedding vows still new—
He holds me close, and in my ear
He sings me songs of innocence
At first I smile, a fond embrace
As love’s first blossoming unfolds
And then my thoughts begin to race—
I’ve heard this song of innocence
The mem’ries flood, I pull away—
My father’s twisted face I see
When with a touch, oh poisonous day,
He seized my song of innocence

My mind’s eye blinds me to the touch
Of cherish’d lover’s sweet caress
And changes them instead to such
That steal the songs of innocence.

I cannot breathe—I choke, I die
And from my lover’s arms I flee
I wilt; with flaming tears I cry
And mourn my song of innocence.
©Sabina M. S√§fsten 2012

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pictures to Paint, 1.3

The Night I Lost the Music

The music, always coming, always flowing
The lifeblood of the soul, forever playing
I lived for keeping, growing, sharing, knowing
all about the gift that’s almost praying.

And then, with one fell dose of Caesar’s illness
I shook, I trembled, foamed, and flailed about—
And when I woke, I noticed first the silence.
The music! gone!—replaced with frightening doubt.

The man in white, with nurses standing by him
Told me the silence might be here a while
And if it ceased, the music still be dimmed—
                     I wept.

I wept, and still, the tears were only water--
no minor chords; melismas all at rest.
Is this how people think and talk together?
With flimsy words and empty sentiment?

My life has been immersed in music study
but more than this; my spirit speaks it clear--
and now that I have only words to pray with

I wonder, Lord, if you can even hear?


Note: She had full recovery from the seizure and the music eventually came back.

Pictures to Paint, 1.1&1.2

I do not have a brush,

pencils, paints, or 
Adobe Photoshop. 

But I do have
to be painted.
Night Routine

When night comes and she starts to sleep
The mask comes off--she cannot keep
her brave face on when conscious mind has slipped away

Her broken body fights for air
Her slumping face shows signs of wear
Her voice, in daylight so controlled
contorts in whimpers, tears my soul

I sit for hours, minutes, days
And silently I count, the way
she taught me to when Child Me was scared.

When consciousness comes back again,
returning her to worlds of men,
Her once bright eyes straining to see--
they flit around, and land on me

As recognition starts to dawn,
she weakly smiles--I fake a yawn
So she doesn't know I was awake to hear her scream.

 "Oh, sorry to wake you up," she says,
But before you head on back to bed,
-------Would you get me a bowl of Cheerios?"


Saturday, December 6, 2014


I feel so entirely inspired right now. Driven, passionate, excited about the world. I have the best friends--creative, intelligent, ambitious, hard working, dedicated. I am currently rotating with movers and shakers of the world. And while their dreams are astounding in both magnitude and power, they are DOERS as well. They produce. They draw. They animate. They design. They paint. They build. They program. They write, cook, teach, play, practice, act, farm, compose, run, sew, research, coach, publish, translate, organize--they DO. And in the doing, my world becomes a better place. A more beautiful, more dynamic, richer, fuller place.

Do all of them have a set path, a direction, a firm purpose in life? No. Not at all. But rather than let uncertainty paralyze them, this circle of amazing people take it one step at a time, and MOVE. They do *something*. Some put their roots in family, some in religion, some in belief in humanity. ALL find common ground in the firm hope that the world CAN be a better, and we are the people to bring that about.  Then, they take a step. They write a song, draft an outline, do a workout. They choreograph a dance, learn a language, take a photo, code a program. They clean a room, a routine, a life. All seemingly small things in the grand scale of the universe-- but as the lifetime of a bee contributes but a drop of honey to the hive, so also do these sweet, small tasks come together, gathering momentum, and push the human family into a brighter tomorrow. 

Amani Melissa Missy Jacob Derrick Bryn Jake Jack Jason Jared Dan Rachael Dallin David Kyle Savannah Cecilia Ben Marsha Robert Nathan Clarissa Milly Katie Andon Katie Kristen Kirsten Erin Nick Trevor Amber Alison Annelisse Stephen Kristine Amanda Charla Ruthie Kevin Annie Joey Ashley Morgan Karen Caitlin Jessie Jena Jana Amberly Craig Boston Jimmy Brittany Lizz Casey Jenn Anne Mark Ty Mikey Nick David Evelyn Michelle Pamilla Andrew Lynette Linda Robin Trish Elise Jayne Alyssa Jake Clark Chase
and so many more


I wish more of them had websites I could put up an brag on their behalf. SO much talent, and most of it isn't up in online portfolios. But, this is a small taste.