Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Crazy, crazy, crazy what can happen in a month.

The first and most important event is that I've made at least three particularly FANTASTIC new friends. I knew of Melissa and Ari because we've been in band together, but they play woodwinds, so I didn't actually KNOW them until I started hanging out with Milly's brother Nathan (whom I hadn't know at all). Can I just say, "God loves me"? He sends me such AWESOME friends! We have about a million things in common and complement, and I love it. Love love love love. Hard to believe it's only been a few weeks.

Cymbals have been amazing thus far this season. Things are getting hectic because we no longer have a pseudo-tech and we no longer get time for sectionals. SAAAAAD day. We have such cool vij ideas, but haven't had time or energy to figure them out! Mostly time!! GAAAAAAAAAAH. :breathe:
It'll be fine. This time of the season is always like this; I just don't want to start the game-every-week slip'n'slide and just let it go by. Eh, we'll make it happen. We've been really blessed this season.

I;m pretty sure haven't been to the gym in a month (o.o stinkin' marching band) but I FINALLY got to go today. Katie and I hit up a Zumba class at the rec center. It was SO fun! Loves. I'm excited to get my Gold's membership back up and running in Provo (Running. Ha).

I saw a young father today with his little girl, running and jumping around on campus. It made me so happy, and excited for the family I'll have someday. That's been on my mind quite a bit this weekend, what with regional conference, Elder Scott's fireside, Elder Hale's devotional, and my Marriage Prep unit of my SFL 100 class. I'm so excited. I want a husband that will play with my kids. :-)

I just wanted to post and share my general happiness and excitement about life. This time in the year can be stressful and begin to seem overwhelming. Just remember: The Lord loves you, and He will send His tender mercies into your life. And just think! A couple weeks of classes, topped with GAMEDAYS on Saturdays, then General Conference!!! Then, a couple weeks of classes and Halloween is here (with the coolest Halloween party EVER already in the works for here at la Casa). THEN, just a few more learning-and-growing-and-fulfilling-our-divine-potential weeks till Thanksgiving!! And then final prep, exams, the BYU Bowl Game, and CHRISTMAS!!

Life is so exciting. And happy. So many wonderful, Christlike people. Building relationships is such a blessing for us. We can totally do this.



Mary Beth said...

Hey, Sabina! Just saw your link to your blog on Facebook. I'm so glad things are going well for you this fall. Hope you manage to find the time to do everything you want, and enjoy yourself along the way. :)

millyissa said...

I love you too Sabina! So cool how quickly we became friends.