Sunday, July 1, 2012

Late Night Guests

Girls tend to have at least a vague image of a "knight in shining armor": the man who swoops in to save the helpless damsel  in distress.  I confess, I, too, have imagined this sort of situation at times, in a vague, metaphorical way. Many of the metaphorical imaginings vaguely included a nice boy, good conversationalist, similar interests, nice smile, solid friend and trustworthy Man-person (vs a boy-person, which is very different).

But never in those vague, metaphorical imaginings was said KSA wearing a leather jacket, carrying a large case of knives, at two in the morning.

I'm so glad real life is so much better than vague metaphorical imaginings.

Mikey, my brother, you are my hero.

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