Friday, December 28, 2012

Haters Gonna Hate

My laptop has been broken/keep re-breaking all semester. Seriously annoying. But now I have access to my mom's desk top until Coolest Guy Ever finishes fixing said laptop.

I am SO excited. I'm a little nervous about 9 credits AND a full-time job, but...I can do it.  Right?

Life certainly hasn't been working out the way my "5-years-after-high-school-plan" had envisioned it.  I frequently get the "Wait, you're still in school?  Shouldn't you be done by now?"  or the "Oh, you worked full-time, so I kind of assume you had graduated." or the blatant "Um...why haven't you graduated? I thought you were smart.I guess not!" (that last one was a direct quote...yeah...)

To those probably well-intention-ed and generally uninformed socialites, I give a MAJOR internal eye-roll (which, due to politeness and social tact, usually comes out as a smile and a nod).

Many of those voices are in my head, which, to be fair, is probably why the aforementioned comments hit so close to home.

I know why I haven't graduated.  I know why college has been such a crazy ride. And they are good reasons--not excuses.  Hind-sight is 20/20 and all that, and there are ways I could have handled things differently that would have been easier in the long run.

But the moral of the story is, it's none of society's business.  Were I a different ethnicity, or had different social connections, or made different attitude choices, I could have a pretty epic cable TV show out of my life. Or at least a news article or two. Perception is everything, I guess.

So back off, haters.

 I'm re-organizing my vision, and clarifying my life. I'm finishing up this degree, and moving on to the next one.  That'll be the next update.  I love New Year's Resolutions...especially ethereal ones that are vague enough to keep and share with the Internet.

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