Sunday, November 17, 2013

Unexpected Happenings

So, I no longer have a job. Which So I've been on a job hunt most of last week. when the weekend came, I decided to try and start catching up on school. Which really means I was cooking and cooking and cooking. 

I broke my phone last week, and I was concerned that I lost my photos of all the assignments I did the days before I broke it....BUT then I got them off the phone and life was good. 

It has been rather full week--a lot to do, a lot of unknowns, and I'm very tired. But I'm a lot less stressed than I have been in a long time (which is weird, seeing as I don't know where the next paycheck is coming from). But, I'm glad that I'm less stressed. I've cleaned my house, got to spend time with friends, I'm almost done with a couple of Christmas projects, helped with several doctor's appointments, and I'm swiftly catching up with school. So, trusting that the job thing will work out, it's been a pretty great week. :-)

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