Thursday, January 9, 2014

Poetry and Resolution Origins

I've been trying to finish a poetry project. Unfortunately, the more I keep working on it, the more I keep returning to old topics and new faces. I realize that the best poetry I write comes from things that resonate deeply within myself. I have struggled writing about joyful times in my life, and the simple pleasures that bring so much happiness to my life every day. I also struggle writing poetry about the middle details--the people around me, the beautiful lands and cities of Utah, the politics and issues I feel passionate about, etc. I find it difficult to write when my mind is not focused. Instead of crafting words about the prompt, my brain just keeps going back to the underlying topic, whatever that happens to be. 

Today, my mind was not focused. As is often experienced by women of my age and situation, I will admit: my brain was twitterpaiting itself over a boy. 

Stupid brain. 

To distract said brain from aforementioned (and thoroughly unproductive) activity, I decided to take a more productive path. "Brain," says I, to my Brain, "Brain, I want you to actually use words, and come up with the spiritual gifts you observe in this Boyperson that you find captivating unto distraction--no, not yet, Brain, come back!...--sigh--.Okay, you back?  Focus, please. a-Hem. Now, compile those into a list, figure out which ones you want to emulate, and pick a few to work on this year. Come up with some systems of improvement, write them down--then pretend like you came up with them 10 days ago and call them New Years Resolutions.  Ready--go." 

And that's how 2014's self-improvement plan came into being. 

...Silly boys.


New Years Resolutions:  "And now you know....the REST of the story!"

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