Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stay-At-Home Mom

I did not go to work today. But, today was full of work. 
Today I have made a pizza, some muffins, and a hat.
Also I made changes, friendships, rest, and thoughts, and also
I ran errands. So many

I also worried about money, and time, and health, and family, and boys.
Well, boy
or rather
the thought that I am loved by someone, and how foreign
that idea still seems to me.
But He says it is so. So it must be.

I ponder such a curious idea, as I change her clothes, and help her with
the most basic of needs
and cheer her on when she takes a few steps in a row--
and then I adjust her oxygen tank so she can

I sleep early, and wake up when I hear her
crying. I wake her up completely; she can sleep again
but only after
pills water blanket nightlight
oxygen tank
and a video clip of her grandchildren
sending their love.

I tuck her in, return to my chair. I lean back,
blanket around my shoulders. I start to dream of
tasks, and chores, and errands and work and     school
as the whirring of the compressor
lulls me back to sleep.

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The Aikele's said...

That is absolutely beautiful. We love you, and appreciate all you do for the family.