Friday, November 5, 2010

So tasty

Okay, so I'm pretty much too lazy to write recipes (or follow them, for that matter)-- they's really more guidelines, than act'ul rules, as Pirates would tell us. However, I just made this for lunch for a friend of mine and it was "tres tasty." So I decided to try to remember what I did. I think I got it all.

Yummy Pasta Chicken Stuff

Some Chicken, cut up in 1/2 in chunks (I used microwave-thawed chicken breasts, but
thighs or whatever is fine)
Cook this in a wok (or a cast-iron pan...or just a pan. Whatever works.)
Cook it til 3/4of the way done, then add squirts of lemon juice (be generous--
probably about 1/4 cup for 1 breast). Add some paprika, and some black pepper
(fresh ground is good, but whatever you have). Try to get the spices directly
on the chicken. Add some crushed ground (or chopped fresh) parsley, add salt
to taste. Cook until chicken is no longer pink, or a little longer to carmelize the lemon juice.
When the chicken is done, add a medium tomato, chopped up into tiny chunks. Heat over warm burner until tomato is warm and the flavors are blended.

A couple minutes before you add the spices to the chicken...

Some whole wheat Penne Rigate (cheap at Walmart or Winco)
Cook this al dente. Then drain well, put back in pan, and add:

2 T butter (I measure this stuff cuz it's on the side when you cut it haha)
Garlic Powder to taste (get all the clumps out)
a little Onion Powder
a titch of paprika

Put over warm (not hot or you'll burn the pasta) burner to melt the butter; add some parsley (to make it look fancy... and taste good) and some Parmesan Cheese.

The chicken should be done. Put the pasta in a bowl or on a plate and put the chicken on top. Add more Parmesan cheese (or cheddar tastes good, too), pray, and serve with apples/grapes and ice water.

So tasty.

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