Friday, March 18, 2011

Life List

Well, I haven't written in a while, but I thought I'd give an update on that life list on the side of my profile. It is, of course, an incomplete list, however, it's a start.

Read the Wheel of Time series: I have read all the WoT books that have come out; the last one comes out this fall. So, well on my way on that one.

Read The Screwtape Letters: I'm in the middle of it. I love it! Highly recommend it.

Play Guitar: Also, I took a guitar class last semester. Still a beginner, but I can plunk out some good christmas songs, folks songs, a lot of pop/mild rock/country. Definitely rhythm guitar, no food at finger picking yet. But again, getting there.

Run a 5K: I got my 5K time down to 30 min flat on a consistent basis. I'm working on some interval/hill training; I want to run a 5K "race" this July. If that doesn't work, I'm for sure doing the Rex Lee run next year. I want to do something before that, though.

Language--Spanish: I actually had to translate a bunch of crochet patterns into Spanish. It doesn't count as speaking Spanish, nor did I even DO most of the actual translating (mostly editing) but I've been working on reading comprehension. Honestly, I think it would just be easier to marry one of the (plethora of) returned missionaries who speaks Spanish well, and who wants to continue doing so. More constant exposure to the language would really help. ("Hi, my name's Sabina. Where did you serve? [85.7364912% chance of a Spanish speaking mission inserted here ] Great! Will you marry me? I need to work on my Spanish...")

Language-- Arabic: This semester, I've been reviewing the Arabic I've already been taught. I'm still not very versed, and my handwriting is AWFUL, but I was able to have a small-talk conversation with a guy in my Isaiah class. He teaches Arabic at a high school nearby or something. He thought I'd just gotten back from Egypt. <---^_^ I explained that I didn't know much vocabulary past what we'd already covered in our conversation. But I was still happy. I WILL learn that language someday. (No Arabic-speaking missions yet).

Going to the Middle East: Delayed; probably won't happen till I'm much older. I'm keeping up fairly well with events over there, though. As much as I can, anyway. Someday there will be a mission opened up over there, and I want to be involved somehow. Maybe my sons will go over there...?? That would be WAY cool.

Going on a mission: Also delayed; probably won't go until I go with my husband later. It's GOING to happen, just not right now in my life. But I'm so excited for it, anyway!!! I think it would be fun to be a mission mom. I think I could do it. We'll see what the Lord has in store.

Graduating with a Bachelor's degree: also delayed. I'm still in school, but due to some major requirements/changes, it will be a while. Sigh. But I have a real-person (ish) job already, so.... Not exactly what I anticipated my life course being, but hey. Just keep truckin, right? But because of/assisting to cause this delay, another one of my life goals will be realized:

Take a chemistry class: Surprise! Not only one, but THREE chemistry classes. And for some chem majors out there, that's cake. For me, it literally is-- I am required to take a laboratory Food Science class (lecture&lab). That sounds like a lot of fun. The kicker is the pre-req: I get to take O-CHEM!! w00t! And because I've never taken a single chemistry class in my whole life, I also get to take Basic Chemistry (so I don't die going straight into O-Chem). I'm excited, but a little...wary. I'm sure I'll be fine. It just makes me tired even thinking about it.

So basically, I'll be chillin here in Provo a little longer than I thought. Not that that's a bad thing-- I really like it here. I love school, though sometimes I have to remind myself of it. Besides, the extension happened when I was looking at post-college school options (grad school, culinary school, cosmetology school), so I would have been in school another few years anyway. And this is a lot cheaper. And I'm excited to be able to teach!!! That'll be cool.

So, everything is definitely going according to a plan, it just wasn't the plan I'd anticipated.

This semester has been CRAZY; I'll update later. Right now I need to get back to work.


Andon Carling said...

You left out the big accomplishment in "Crocheting Professionally."

Sabina Michelle said...

I'm not actually a registered professional at this point. In fact, I'm not even an aspiring professional, until I send my paperwork in...workin on it.

:cassia marie: said...

considering i will be here for several more months than any person on the planet thought, we can check off a few more of those this summer if you'd like :) asl, i can't remember any others... haha...

Rachel said...

I love all of your aspirations! And it is even more fantastic that you are doing them! And I loved hearing about the fact that you're accomplishing your list, even if not exactly how you planned! I needed to hear that!