Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mortal Certainties

"When we make a change, it's so easy to interpret our unsettledness as unhappiness, and our unhappiness as a result of having made the wrong decision. Our mental and emotional states fluctuate madly when we make big changes in our lives. Some days we could tight-rope across Manhattan, and other days we are too weary to clean our teeth. This is normal. This is natural. This is change." --Jeanette Winterson

I am so glad that I found this quote. It captures much of what I have been feeling this summer. June and July of this year have seen many, many changes in my life and in me as an individual. Many plans gone awry, many circumstances unanticipated.

School seems like a different world than here-- a world I shall return to shortly. I phrase it as "return," but everything feels so different now, I hardly know what to expect. Different from the now, but not returning to the past. A completely new chapter. Nearly every part of my reality has shifted, but is not erased. This makes the change even more apparent in my eyes, as reminders of the former state of things remain. This emphasizes the unsettled-ness, the strangeness, and (occasionally) the wariness of the unknown.

And, the one certainty I am left with in this mortal realm?

Something will happen.

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