Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Might Be Dead

 So, the last few weeks have been a total roller coaster-- the highs were really high and the lows were really low.  Which is fine, because really, what fun is a roller coaster that is just flat?  :-)  One of those highs included a really unexpected but really exciting opportunity to train in another kitchen--much less of a factory-style than many of the restaurants I've worked in; much more artisan style food, much more "Hell's Kitchen" rush times. I'm super excited about it. 

What that also means is, though, that the last few days I have been working from 1 am. o.o  On my feet the whole time-- I sat down for 6 minutes one morning at Brick Oven, I think. I don't even sit down to drive to work-- I walk. And my "lunch break" gives me just enough time to walk across the center of town, from one kitchen to the other.

So, basically that translates to 17 hours on my feet, come home, sleep sitting up (my innards are acting up again-- my roommate calls them my "injureds" haha) for a 5.5ish hours, then get up and start over again.

But not really, because I'm also in charge of the catering efforts for a 350 person wedding, next Thursday. Don't even get me started on the "unforseens" on THAT particular project--it's been a bit of an object lesson on the concept of Murphy's Law--but what that means is, I come home from work at 1am and then deal with (1)damage control, (2)putting schedules together, (3)doing math, (4)cooking, or other such things required back-stage for such an event.  [We'll just say that it's a LOT].  So the sleeping is not even close the 5.5 hours haha.

So, you'd best stake claim to any stuff's that I have because by the end of this I might be dead.

PS I would just like to note to the blogging world that my particular medical set-up prohibits me from ingesting both caffeine (which could help keep me awake) and alcohol (which might take the edge off the rest of my life). SO I get to stay awake and sane the non-artificially-augmented way:  willpower, protein and simple carbs, and (mostly) by the grace of God. Thank you, friends.  ilHamdulallah!

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