Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Culinary School

I started culinary school eight days ago.

I love it. 


haha, yeah, I definitely feel like I belong here. The Academy, like most culinary schools, offers bakery/pastry or "hot side" (culinary arts).  Both programs are fantastic, but it's separate tuition so I had to pick just one.  I decided to go hot side. Boyperson picked me up some MTC-style flashcards from the BYU bookstore, and I hit the ground running. (I know that me being enthusiastic about something is hard to imagine. Try really hard.)  I actually got pretty far ahead of where my adviser expected I would be; she seemed kind of surprised at my action-oriented enthusiasm. All-the-things culminated in me getting a call from the main office today.  They expressed their surprise at my progress, and offered me a deal:  I could go ahead and join the bakery classes, as well, for significantly reduced tuition because I was dual-enrolled. The basics classes would count for both, so I wouldn't have to take them twice. 

<.< . . . >.>, my afternoon plans got cancelled.  I finished my first bakery chapter today. 

My life.  Is SO. AWESOME.

...I may have to pace the bakery along with culinary. Bakery is not my passion. But I am stoked for the training. And I have friends who are stoked about the idea of my kitchen filling up with sweets. ;-)

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katie said...

AWESOME!!! I am so excited for you! We need to have you over when we get back in Sept. I want to hear all about your adventures this summer. Love you!