Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hedgehogs and Heartsmiles

As I'm sitting here waiting for BYU's server to not be quite as overloaded, I decided I needed some happy so I looked up pictures of hedgehogs.

I LOVE hedgehogs.

They are naturally curious creatures, and they like to lick things and sniff things. They love to run and explore.

<---Generally harmless... ...and who can resist that FACE? ---->

Oh, dear. What would I do without Google Images when hugs are needed and none to be found?

I used to have 3 hedgehogs. Well, we had 3, then I thought they were lonely and so I taught them how to climb over the walls of their separate cages. Then, we had 11 hedgehogs. They were super super cute. We sold the babies, so then we had 3 again.

I miss them. Max, Petunia, and Nancy.

They weren't very good huggers--one needs arms for such things--but they could always make my heart smile.

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