Thursday, April 22, 2010

Avatar...My classes ROCK.

Classes are over for Winter semester. It's been a crazy ride; I feel like I stumbled across the finish line. But it is done. I took some of the best classes of my life this semester, with excellent results. One class project turned into a business, which turned into a coordination of life goals into a brilliant long-term business plan. A couple classes finally got me to show my more socially opinionated, passionate, and surprisingly liberal side, shocking some of the more mildly mannered SFL classmates. (everywhere else I'd be a right-leaning moderate, but here in Provo...well, I guess that is a different story).

One class brought me back to Theatre, full force. This post highlights the final of that class--beginner makeup.

I decided to use one of the Na'vi, from the new movie Avatar, as my final character. I had a lot of fun. Annalisse Booth took these pictures of it; I'm really glad she's so talented and willing to help. Also, shout out to Eliza for helping attach the long braid and color my hair, and Jason L Black for driving me all the way to Lehi for the beads and props.

I made the ears out of rubber latex, and yes, that is my real hair, and no, I'm not wearing colored contacts. The nose is putty (it's a little off in these shots because I smiled too much). The rest is a mix of creme makeup, powder makeup, and lumieres. The braid in the back is crepe hair. These were my first (and thusfar, only) attempt at the design.

It was ridiculously entertaining to walk around campus this way, and then visit various ward members (on purpose AND on accident).

<--I even got the teeth down. Yeah, it was cool.

This is a shot of the makeup in more even lighting. It's basic Na'vi skin, plus war paint over the top. The long uplink-braid is tossed over my shoulder. I await the intermediate class with eager anticipation. Who knew I'd love makeup art so much?

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The Aikele's said...

You are sooo talented! jeez....we love the makeup job! Perhaps you should wear that everyday? :P j/k :) But it is crazy sweet.