Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Adult


Never mind my license saying "UNDER 21" for the next 62 years (or Christmas, whichever comes first), I would hereby like to proclaim to the world that Sabina is, in all seriousness, a REAL ADULT, as witnessed by her shopping trip this afternoon.

What brings on such an announcement, you ask? Did she buy a house? A car? Life insurance? A hearing aid?

No, my friends, not any of those things. Not today, at least. Today, she bought groceries.

No, no alcohol, no cigarettes or other age-oriented purchases (license says "under 21," remember?). Just groceries. For those that know Sabina, you are aware that groceries in large quantities is not a rare thing for Sabina. So why today?

Because today, my friends, Sabina purchased these groceries with her very own Costco card.

That's right. Sabina Michelle is the proud owner of her very own Costco Executive Membership, complete with a cool little chic piece of black plastic, acting as a pass-card to allow her into the marvelous world of the warehouse market, to purchase items in large quantities with ease, entirely on her own.

My life is awesome.

And, this BBQ is going to ROCK.

Sabs out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha Sabina I love you!! And I'm STOKED for this BBQ :) My hair will have some side effects from tonight but hey what can I say? :P I get to see you tomorrow!! :D :D