Friday, June 4, 2010

Dionaea muscipula

I finally caved and got myself a Venus Fly Trap. Thus, the title of this post. It it so COOL! It's pretty small, but it totally defies the conventional ideas of the food chain. Love love love. I love exotic plants. My grandfather and I are putting in a greenhouse this summer; I hope to not only grow food in it, but get some non-Utah foliage. I like to sit and dream about traveling the world: the foods, the landscapes, the reptiles, the plants. And the people. And the languages. We live in such a cool place! The world is awesome, and we live in a time that lets us see PICTURES of it!! Even photos of under the ocean! Yes, many places we (and by we, I mostly mean people with money) can go to, but even places humans would never survive long term, we can get full color, high quality photos! And video! And sound clips! Aaah! This world is in a fallen state, and yet the Lord has blessed us with so much beauty and power and mystery. And now I have a little 3" by 10 centimeter piece of it, sitting on my desk, eating bugs. My life is so cool.

Also, I now have a date to the dance in June. *Yaysquee!!* ^____^ Not sure what our theme will be yet (a famous couple/pair), but it doesn't really matter. I'm so excited! This is going to be the best birthday EVER. Well, last year was great, too, but this year Eliza and Amy and Kyle and Matthew might all be there (maybe on Amy and Matthew, but for sure on the aforementioned en-gagged lovebirds), AND Caitlin (she made it super awesome last year) AND the Carlings AND the Batts AND La Casa Picante AND so many others!! **AND** I have a date. Usually a good thing, but especially as this date is with one of the coolest guys I've ever met, ever! I'll miss Emily DJing the dance, though. Meisha said she'd DJ this year, (and I'm excited for her to DJ, she has SUCH good taste in music!!) but I wish Emily was coming,too, cuz she makes parties awesome. But she went off and grad-eeated. [Are chemists naturally good DJs, or did I just end up with two abnormally cool ones?] And Amy&Ben, but they are off having summer adventures.There are obviously many a homo sapien missing this particular adventure, but they are moving on with life.

My ward is so great. My friends are awesome. I have a date with a great guy. And we're having a dance at my house.

My life is AWESOME.

As for year #22? Bring it on.


Katie said...

I love that plant too! I bought one for my dad for father's day one year. (weird, I know) I think I loved it more then he did!
PS I am excited about your dance!! It's going to be awesome!

Emily said...

I would come if I thought that I could dance OR get a date! Sadly, I can't seem to do either. C'est la vie.