Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thy Hope, Thy Confidence

Weekend, In Pictures

Provo was GORGEOUS this weekend. I had a FABULOUS time, with many good friends, good foods, good fun, and all around good times.
Thursday to Sunday, in pictures and captions.

Many bus adventures. One meets many an interesting character on the bus. Stewart, if by chance you find this post, I hope your reunion with your newly-discovered biological family went

LaVell Edwards Stadium. Oh, how I love thee. Marching Band chores always make me happy. I was happy to see so many people again, and I'm SO excited for Band Camp. ^_^
Also, I love my cymbals, and I'm SO EXCITED for my cymbal section this year. Though, it should be noted that this picture is inaccurate, for Bro. Mac is ADAMANTLY against knuckle pads. LOVE ME some PLATES!

Watched "Alice in Wonderland" with a man-boy-guy-friend of mine (wow, haven't used that phrase in a while-- 327 girls, I *knew* there was a reason we invented it). It was fun; I'm not sure what I think of the movie. Not as good as I wished. But I still :-)
Also, we had some really tasty salsa. mmmmmmm.

Started work (first shift) at the BYU Creamery Outlet, where the original Creamery used to be. It was fun; my friend Stephen works there and it was nice to have a familiar face in a new place.

We were selling delicious tarts all day in chocolate and strawberry. I really, really wanted one. Luckily for me, there were TWO chocolate ones left at the end of my shift. I was happy. I carefully selected the prettiest tart, pulled out my purse, took it to the counter...

When my friend Matthew came up behind me to startle me. He succeeded, and the nearly-perfect tart went SPLAT, all over the counter (that I had just finished cleaning). Allison chastised him and Matthew felt bad (see his face in this picture) and offered to buy me a new one. I was laughing, and told him it was perfectly alright (surprisingly, it was-- I usually feel a mild pain at the worthless destruction of beautiful food. But I decided the laughter was worth the tart). I cleaned up the counter (after all, I work there), found a new tart--not as pretty, but still chocolate-- and we went outside to talk about the life, the love, the music, and the Kung Pao Chicken. AND they gave me a ride home.

We talked more, and I got ready for my date to the Lehi Roundup. For the record, I hate rodeos. I grew up in a rodeo town, and the booze'n'smokes lifestyle, the crude jokes, the pointless yanking, tying up, poking, etcetera of animals...not a fan. But, I can honestly say that THIS rodeo was tons of fun. I liked the events, the riders were good, the booze was contained/nonexistent enough that I didn't get a headache, and the company was fantastic ^__^. AND they played "American Rider" as the Canadian Air Force came out on their motorcycles. I didn't feel dirty at the end of the show. It was great. AND I wore a super cute, totally awesome cowgirl hat.

There was a dance after the rodeo. However, we got a little lost getting there, so there was a lot of driving and talking to and from and in between. We did get to the dance, though, and it was fun, but the DJ only played hip hop, except for two songs, and we were tired. So we danced for a while, then I decided we should leave (partially because we still needed to get back to Provo).

My date was a really 'sweet' guy and we stopped for ice cream sundaes on the way back. (And dropped by my grandfather's house, which was definitely NOT on the way home, but I realized I'd forgotten some important things so we went by. Note to future self: not necessarily a good idea to bring a date to Papa's house--he's a real tease, especially late at night when he knows he won't remember the conversation in the morning). However, again, date proved to be a really sweet guy and just took it all in stride. (Thank goodness). o.o

Saturday, I worked again, then came back and started reading "Elantris," by Brandon Sanderson. SUCH a good book, so far.
I was sitting on the porch swing, drinking an Izze, when my friend called and offered to help me with finance homework. I gratefully accepted, and went over and tried to understand varied information about home mortgages. O.O

Luckily, we made really tasty fake fajitas for lunch/dinner, as well, so that helped. :-) Then, we went back to my house, where we all gathered to hear where my friend Elise is going on her mission. Indiana: Indianapolis! She gave us hints, and the first one was a line from the musical "The Music Man," from the song, "Gary, Indiana," so I knew right off it was Indiana. Actually, that was a little misleading, because Gary, Indiana is actually in the Chicago mission. Oh, well.
Then, as it was Derrick's brother's birthday, we all went to Derrick's house for cheesecake and presents. Tori and Derrick (mostly Tori) made a BEAUTIFUL, *super*tasty cheesecake, that is much prettier than this picture of cheesecake, but we didn't get a picture of the real one, so this is all I have. They put trick candles on the cake, which was especially funny, because Jared tried to light the other candles with one of the trick candles. Haha.

Then I went home, which mostly means more driving and excellent conversation. I was reminded that God definitely does have a direct hand in our lives, especially those things that mean a lot to us. He will bless us with the happiness, courage and understanding that we need for a great many things. And while the future is nearly completely unknown, and a great many things are still up in the air, it is so wonderful to know that He has it under control, that He will help us in our choices, and to be reminded that


Katie said...

Awesome! Love the pictures. Sounds like everything went well and you had fun with Stephen. Yay!

I laughed when you said you don't like rodeos because I said, "I love rodeos!" when I heard you were going to one! lol.

I've only been to one. It was at the state fair, there was no drinking that I saw, and it was fun. So I figured all rodeos were like that and that I loved them! lol.

Love your Grandpa btw.

Trevor said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Ha ha, I think you wrote this late at night, but the humorous good-natured frankness makes up for the frenetic pace and... comma errors (*gasp*).*

I'm curious. What's a "man-boy-guy-friend"?

*I actually only noticed one; it surprised me because I wouldn't expect that type from you, but I used the plural to make my comment sound more meaningful.

allison. said...

Hahaha! I just discovered your blog. I saw "Matthew" in your topics list, and decided to look it up. I forgot all about this story. Made me smile. :)