Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Out...I'M BACK!

So, life has been crazy the last month or so...okay, month and a half or so...but, in my defense, it's been busy.

Since I last posted, I've thrown one bridal shower, helped with two weddings, crushed on a boy, hosted my sister and her baby, hosted my mom-other sister-brother part of the family, been to another wedding, ran pre-season practice for the plates, watched half a season of Heroes and the ENTIRE "Avatar: The Last Airbender" anime series, re-designed/sorted/fixed my wardrobe (well, almost done with that), sorted a bunch of stuff, nearly finished a finance class (I had a cute tutor...that's pretty much the only reason I am doing well in the class), started another class, got all caught up in the Wheel of Time series, crocheted a bunch of stuff, worked at the Creamery, bought my textbooks, started packing to go back to Provo, and gone to a mini-family reunion.

Plus a bunch of other random stuff. Busy, but not a whole lot to actually write about.

When I get my pictures all sorted out, I'll post some of the weddings and (I hope) a step-by-step on a centerpiece or two.

In one week, I will be back in Provo (at La Casa Picante), getting ready for marching band in earnest and doing final prep for Band Camp and school. And working. And able to walk to campus (so happy to leave the 3-mile-to-the-bus-stop walk). Also, I will have roommates. And boy(s) living within a 1-block radius. It's been an interesting (SHORT!) summer, but I'm excited for the challenge of living my own life. I can do it! I've made some discoveries about myself and attempted some lifestyle/attitude changes this summer; we'll see how well I can make it work during the pressure of the school year. I have awesome friends-- I'm sure we can make it happen! :-)

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Katie said...

Wow, you've done a ton!

Yay! Come back to Provo. If you can squeeze in time, do you want to walk? My walking partner moved and I REALLY want to get in shape. Even if it's once a week that would be awesome! Let me know if you need help moving stuff back to Provo. I am on break so Camilla and I could take a load or whatever. <3