Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am loving making my own living space. I was finally able to sort through much of my STUFF, and now have significantly less STUFF, and I'm LOVING it! I feel so much more organized, even though the room isn't totally put together yet. I'm excited for school to start. Turns out, I'm back in a Linguistics class, which, while unexpected, makes me SO HAPPY. I'm so glad to be almost finished with my minor! Not even close with my major, but I love linguistics and Ling330 will be tons of fun. It'll make for a busy semester, but the Pell Grant requirements have spoken: 15 credits. So. I can do it. In order to keep room in my schedule for working out, sleeping, and "friends" (read: guy), I'll have to be uber-organized. I love the school year, and I love the feeling of creating a new start. Many a missionary friend coming home this semester, and life is moving forward. Lots to ponder: take time to just breathe.

And eat tasty, healthy, delicious food. It's good for the soul.

Love, Sabs

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