Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elephant In the Room. Of My Mind.

Took trip to Salt Lake this morning to drop off my brother at the airport.

Made some French Lavender Lemonade with the rest of my Meyer Lemons.

Got done with finals. Good grades all around.

Still haven't figured out my transcript transfer/freeze between universities.

Just got boxes cleared from my living room....just in time for my brother's stuff to come and fill it up again, haha.

I'm going to miss that boy.

Re-connected with a former roommate and current friend whom I have not seen in a while. I was in the area to see someone else, but I was glad to catch up with her.

Trying to focus on moving forward with life. I did a really good job of that for over a week... til, like, Monday. I'm still doing okay, but I have to remind myself to stay focused.

Setting up my calendar and cover letters and such for my new position today. Maybe that will help the focus. Sitting in a box in front of a computer all day may prove less-than-conducive to concentration. We shall see.

This is in short sentence bursts not on purpose, but because my silly Girl Brain is having a hard time focusing.

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