Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New FB Profile Picture

Started some new medicine. Cool and all, but one of the (minor??) side effects is...I have been awake since 7am yesterday morning. That's 38 hours. I have been actively Doing Things in those 38 hours, including cleaning my entire kitchen, making a roast, dulce de leche, and a meatloaf, going shopping, chatting with my Mom, doing my hair, watching a movie (trying to convince my brain to sleep), going on a lovely walk with Manperson Gamili, visiting with a long-lost hooligan and her newly created Tiny Human, AND completing a 9-hour load at work in only 7.25 hours. I was tearing it up, and I SHOULD be exhausted.  

And here it is, 9:13pm THE NEXT DAY, and I'm not only still awake, but not particularly tired. I took this medicine more than 27 hours ago, and while the initial Crazy Head Heartpounding Shindig has wound down, I'm still feeling odd about it all.

This must be what those "I put three Five Hour Energy's into a RedBull and then mix it with an espresso shot or two" people feel like. O.O 
needless to say, i decided not to take it again tonight. i dont to be COMPLETELY deranged when this all finally comes to a crash. o.o

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