Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Food Blog?

I'm toying with the idea of a food blog.  I'm not sure what direction I would want it to go, and I'm not sure a blog is really the best fit for me.  I know I have a lot of blogging friends, and I'd like some input. The biggest issues I see would be good photos, and consistent updating.



MH said...

I like blogs, but I hate checking for hits on mine more frequently than I should.
Here's a thought about food blogs. I like them, but I'm usually there looking for a particular recipe that was pinned on Pinterest. So sometimes a little backstory to the recipe is cool, but it kind of bugs me when bloggers write a huge, long, sentimental post about something completely unrelated and then share the bare recipe at the bottom. I'm reading it because it's a food blog, and if I'm interested in the big picture of their life, I'll click their picture in the side bar and read their brief biography in a separate post.
I don't know what shareable online venues are besides blogs, but I wouldn't worry about quotas for updates so long as the page looks professional and you don't go more than a month or so without posting. Just a couple thoughts.

Amanda Yockey said...

I agree with MH. Keep it focused. Take good pictures of the food so it is pinnable. My favorite food blog to visit consistently is the Food Lab at Serious Eats. I will look at other blogs for apecific recipes but this one at SeriousEats is an interesting read I can apply to every meal I cook. If you want to get serious about a good blog, I recommend going in that direction. Broad how-tos with a recipe attached.