Friday, February 17, 2012

Friends in Far Places

Today, I met up with a friend for a Jamba Juice.  
Not an uncommon occurrence. 
What WAS uncommon, though, is that is was my very best childhood friend, Amanda Yockey!

Except she went and got married to some fantastically wonderful Finnish fellow,
so now her name is Amanda Fristrom. 

New York!
It was wonderful to see her again. She is living in Stockholm at present, so for her to be in the States is a a treat; for her to be in my town in Utah is particularly fortuitous.  I have not seen her since before I graduated from high school!

We talked of our lives, our travels (okay...her travels), our interests; of politics, opinions, and passions. Our conversation went in and out and around and through a plethora of fulfilling topics, and we learned so much. Intellectual conversation with people we care about brings so much joy!  I am so blessed to know such intelligent, loving, exciting people. I am so glad we were able to renew our friendship; a renewal I believe will stay strong even across the globe.

So, dear reader, you will of course excuse me for one more day?  We will pick up on the Alphabet series on the morrow. 


Also, crazy random happenstance: I was sitting in a class today, and realized I had done the wrong reading--somehow I had mixed up the dates on my syllabus.
  ::momentary panic:: 
 Then I looked at the correct reading for the day. What was it? 
 "The ABC--D,Es of Dating and Relationships," by G. Levinger.
hahaha, how convenient!  And completely unexpected!  I knew at that moment that it was going to be a great day. 
And I was right. 

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