Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sisters and Direction

Thursday, Feb 2:

Yesterday was a day.  One of those
  "Hey, everyone, I'm absolutely happy for you, and congratulations on your [engagement/wedding/baby/mission-call/graduation/new-relationship/move/new-job]!  In the meantime, could you kind of go away? Because I have zero energy to be excited, and I'm busy feeling pathetic. Actually, no, wait, come back!  Because I really need your help with [insert completely normal, everyday task that now seems impossible and overwhelming]. Also, I'm a tiny bit lonely and I want to hear about your life. PS, I love you. Also, I'm a bit embarrassed for needing your help. So please leave. Wait, no, come back..." 
kind of days. An excellently human experience.

Firstly, I felt like a terrible human being--like *I* was supposed to be there for *them*, and I didn't even love them enough to muster the energy to be excited? What kind of a friend am I, anyway?? I wanted to be happy and excited and helpful, but I just felt more and more... whatever that feeling is. 

Then, something marvelous happened. A short interrogative, via text message:


The message came from my older sister, pictured here with her daughter and my brother. 

To my knowledge, she had no idea how I was feeling that day, as she was across the country at her husbands boot camp graduation. So, I'm sure she had something completely different in mind than listening to her little sister's frenzied and emotional complaining. Though it probably wasn't what she had planned on, talking with her was wonderful. She had excellent advice, empathy, and understanding. She led me to ponder and come up with decisions for my life that I didn't even realize I had been contemplating. That's a different post, though.  The point of this one is, quite simply, something many people around the world can relate to:

Aren't siblings wonderful??  
This time, it happened to be my older sister. 

She's awesome. 
So is my brother, and also my younger sister. 

So also is my friend Katie, who brought me Double Stuff Oreos later that evening. 

...which are gone, by the way.  I did share many of them, but all the 
same,  it amazes me how quickly a box of Oreos is just...gone. 

...AND I got to eat the Oreos with  milk,  which greatly enhanced the sheer joy of the experience.
(my friend Margaret bought me some rice milk the other day.  Om nom. )

By the end of the evening, I felt significantly better.  My issues weren't gone, but I feel like Savannah helped me tremendously in getting me through the middle of it. 

Yup.  Sisters are awesome. 

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:cassia marie: said...

yay for an awesome older sister!