Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Episodes of Awesome: Nutella Magic Shell

Yes, that's right. Magic Shell.  As in, the magical ice cream topping from your childhood--you know, the one that started as liquid and then turned hard when you poured way too much of it on your ice cream.

Now take that bit of magic...

and add to it the delicious culinary phenomenon that is Nutella, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

And what do you get? 

Fabulous.  That's what. 

So, my cousin came over a little while ago. She is in a show on campus, and she she had just gotten out of a performance. She and her (very well done) old-age makeup looked very hungry.  So, I fed her some delicious Southwestern Chipotle Penne Pasta, leftover from my picnic with Milly and Lowell earlier today. While she was nomming the pasta, I found the last of some BYU Creamery Marionberry ice cream. 

So, naturally, I made some Magic Shell.  I have been meaning to try the Nutella Magic Shell idea for a while, and today seemed like good a day as any. 

It was delicious.

The coolest part was, I was able to develop a recipe AND eat the prototype on my ice cream--because I made the prototype with imitation hazelnut, to prevent unwanted cases of death. 

It will take a little tweaking, and probably real ingredients next time, but I should have it all figured out by Conference. 
 Magic Shell is not particularly difficult to make, but it's not too great to store. So, naturally, we had to pour the leftovers over some of the 10lb/$1 oranges I found earlier today. Just to prevent waste, you see. 
I would hate to be irresponsible. 

In other news, I was able to have my hand out of bandages for the entirety of the evening with very few undesirable consequences.  It's even hard to tell where all but the deepest of burns were (though it was pretty easy to tell when it was first out of the bandages).  I have always been of the opinion that my hands are quite beautiful, and I am vainly glad it was not maimed or permanently damaged in some aesthetic way.  I have some spots that are still lacking feeling, but they'll be fine. I am so, so grateful for of the Priesthood and the blessing which I was able to receive for quick healing.  

I am also grateful for all the help I've received recently and this last semester. 
And for marionberry ice cream. 
And for Caitlin Beer. 
And for magic shell in whatever flavor want!!

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