Monday, March 5, 2012

He Who Shall Not Be Named

I apologize for my long absence. I got to feeling a bit better, for which I was very grateful, and felt like I had returned from a long trip to Elsewhere. Unfortunately, upon my return to the world of the living, my primary welcoming party was about a month and a half of piled-up rhetoric homework. o.o I am been picking away at said pile, and therefore you, my faithful readers, got The Shaft. 
I am currently refining my drafts of commitment and mate selection, as they are important topics and I'd like to solidify the research/get things a little more concise. 
So, for now, an entirely unrelated anecdote

I work in a kitchen.  On occasion, we receive "Pick-Up" orders. Instead of sitting at a table, the customer simply orders the food and waits in a little benched area while the food is prepared, boxed to go, and sent directly from the kitchen. When the food is ready, a kitchen cook walks to the window, dings a bell, and calls out "Pick-up, for __________!" (insert whatever name is listed at the bottom of the receipt in the blank).

So, one very, very busy day last week, we get a pick-up order, and I read over it.  Pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary. 'Good,' I thought in my head. 'We are too busy for a bunch of modifications. Standard order.'

Then I read the name at the bottom:

 I look again.  Blink twice, my brain processing. I raise an eyebrow, and my reaction brings other cooks over to look at the ticket.  Loud conversation ensues as to who could have placed such an order. We fill it as usual, and many workers choose to wait and watch as I take it to the window. 

My theatre instinct took over. I could not resist such an opportunity. 

 I take the order up to the window, ring the bell. 

I call out:  "Pick up for--" my call drops down to a panicked stage-whisper as I look around furtively --"You Know Who!"  My face does a little twitch as I say the dreaded syllables. I hurriedly set the order down and back away, looking nervously around. 

The performance was greatly appreciated (for which times every actor, amateur or professional, is grateful). Those in the pick-up area waiting for their order (turns out it was a big group of people) burst out laughing, and some called out "spells" as I scurried off.  The cooks gave me some strange looks, and laughed.  

Everyone's day--even with how completely slammed we were--was a little brighter, thanks to some random geeky humor on the bottom of a restaurant ticket. 


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:cassia marie: said...

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. this is why you are awesome. seriously.