Friday, March 16, 2012

What if today, we were grateful for everything?

Sometimes, we are too busy living to actually write about it.

The last few days definitely qualified.

The last little while, I have managed to:

take an exam (and study for that exam)
                  do my laundry
                                                work 30 hours
                                                                         read The Communist Manifesto
                                                                         read Daughters In My Kingdom
                          memorize 75 more digits of pi
                                                                                         go to classes!!!!
                                                           Eat food!!
                                                        Go to a full block of church!!!!
                                                         Write a poem!
                                                          Complete 4 big assignments!
                              Sing in a choir!
write in my journal
            read for my Family Processes class
                                                           cleanify my room
                                                ...significantly un-cleanify my room...
--help make 2 cakes
              --develop 5 recipes
                                --make 15 pies
                                             --meet 4 new people
                                                         --get many genuine compliments on my pies!!  made me so happy.
                    got requested to do a wedding cake...for a wedding...on my birthday
                                                       Learn 5 new chords and 2 new songs on the guitar
   burned my hand (2nd degree) and lost most of the skin on my thumb and first 2 fingers [occupational hazard; I'll be fine]
                                         go grocery shopping

                  Watch Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech

                                                                                    call my family
order spices online
                              saw a very good friend I don't see much anymore :-)
saw my hometeachers
eat some marionberry ice cream
                          read The Gettysburg Address
pick up extra hours at work
go with a friend while she got her hair cut
had FlavorBlast ice cream cones (can you tell I'm happy about the ice cream thing?)
Listen to  The  Prince of Egypt soundtrack
Start planning my younger sister's wedding
                             Listen to Fiddler On the Roof
witness a miracle
go to devotional in the Marriott center!!
Start planning a friend's bridal shower
learn  3 new techniques  of cooking
Read "What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?" 
Played with  fire
                        sketched out a recipe for Nutella Magic Shell (I'll let you know how that goes)

So, I suppose, long story short:  After being wiped out pretty much from Thanksgiving to Valentines, and going to a slow, puttering start after that, I FEEL AWESOME.

Yes, most of the aforementioned activities were sedentary, but still.  I**DID** STUFF!! 

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:cassia marie: said...

HAHAHA that was an awesome way to read about your weekend. ps, i notice that there was not one mention of sleep... you are so silly, i'm glad you're doing so much better!!