Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Day Coming to a Close

I had a pretty great day today. I was feeling a little ill last night, so I tried to go to bed.  I couldn't sleep.

And couldn't sleep...

...and couldn't sleep.

So I got up and kept working on my projects.  I was feeling ill-er and ill-er, so focusing on school work became quite difficult. So, I pulled out the old Libravox recordings (I love you, public domain. I love you, civ class which requires so much reading from books that happen to be recorded in the public domain). I listened to the writings of Charles Dickens, pondering his contribution to the 19th-century discussion on social justice, capitalism, and industrialism, whilst I pulled together my food portfolio. I decided to post it to Facebook (the portfolio, not the ponderings); you can see it here.  It's pretty fun, and I think it will be super-handy.

I finally fell asleep around 5 o'clock, and by then I felt pretty miserable.
I may have missed two classes this morning. I hate that. That's probably the worst part of being sick.

I woke up later this morning, and then went to my friend Eliza's house and began today's homework. I felt a bit better by then, but poorly enough that I knew if I didn't have a study buddy I would spend all day zoning out or browsing Pinterest or something. We worked for a while, and helped each other with some minor points of our respective assignments. We needed some things from the grocery store, so I walked to my friend Sam's house and she gave me a ride to the grocer while telling me some new business news (she had some business meetings last week regarding her cheesecakes, and three of them are quite promising, looking like more long-term situations).  While at the grocer, we found cream cheese for $1 a box. I bought some, and some juice. She took me back to Eliza's house.

Eliza and I went to a quiet dinner (as neither of us felt like cooking, or doing dishes, or anything like that) at a great little diner I used to frequent, Stan's. It's a great place. The food is fabulous, the options are seemingly endless, and the service is friendly and fast. And it's small and fairly quiet. We had a relaxing time, having leisurely but edifying dinner conversation, covering such topics as marriage theory, art history, abortion, contemporary ethics, food, politics, Church administration practices, death, family relationships, and the BYU Library.

I came home, realized just how icky I was feeling, and thought it responsible to try to find someone to cover my shift at work tomorrow (as I work in a kitchen and contagiousness is not appreciated there). Still not sure if I found anyone, but we shall see. I got myself some juice and some couch drops, and wrote this while finishing off another audio recording.  I'm hoping that I'll find someone to cover some (or all) of my shift tomorrow, so I can sleep this off without missing more class.

We shall see.

But, it was a good day. I didn't feel too great, but I also didn't have anything too demanding that would require me to feel super healthy. So, if I'm to get sick, today was a good day. I saw a wonderful friend, and finished some homework projects and worked on others.

I am pretty excited for the Kitchen page.

And, I'm ready for sleep. 

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