Tuesday, March 6, 2012

University Education...Perspective

Through the course of my education, I have had many moments when my extra-curricular interests can combine with my classroom studies. The truly marvelous times are when the ECIs can combine not only with ONE class assignment, but with multiple classes. At the same time.  So brilliant.

Last week provided one of those gems of true university education. I was instructed to write a poem imitating the style of William Blake; I could choose a "songs of innocence" perspective, or a "songs of experience" perspective.
I was in a highly introspective mood. I chose to express some of the issues discussed in my family science studies. It is a mite more serious than much of the rest of the blog, but I hope you find it worth your while.

I'm not really sure how else to preface a poem, so here it is.

Songs of Innocence
My lover smiles and holds me near—
The morning’s wedding vows still new—
He holds me close, and in my ear
He sings me songs of innocence

At first I smile, a fond embrace
 As love’s first blossoming unfolds
And then my thoughts begin to race—
I’ve heard this song of innocence

                                                       The mem’ries flood, I pull away—
                                                       My father’s  twisted face I see
                                                       When with a touch, oh poisonous day,
                                                       He seized my song of innocence
                                                       My mind’s eye blinds me to the touch
                                                       Of cherish’d lover’s sweet caress
                                                       And changes them instead to such
                                                       That steal the songs of innocence.

                                                       I cannot breathe—I choke, I die
                                                       And from my lover’s arms I flee
                                                       I wilt;  with flaming tears I cry
                                                       And mourn my song of innocence.

                                                       -- ©Sabina M. S√§fsten 2012


MH said...

Wow, that poem was masterfully composed and powerfully written. Just BAM. Very well done. Do you have other poems you've written and can share on here? I'd love to read more of your writing.
I asked Z what he thought and he said it was more realistic than he appreciates (appreciates the existing reality, not the writing), so props for writing emotively and communicatively.

:cassia marie: said...

you write very well. i personally steer clear of any topic that freaks me out, as i tend to get incredibly emotional and can no longer do anything for the next few hours (yes, plural), if i think about it for too long. so while i will no longer ponder this subject, i have to tell you that it amazes me how well you write and, like your other friend said, "just bam!".