Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Herb Garden

So it turns out, Utah's growing season starts much later than Lewiston Valley's.  That was very disappointing to me, because even after living in Utah for nearly 7 years, my brain is still used to "the second you can feel the warmth of the sun you had better get things in the ground." 

So, to hold me over until planting season, I decided that this year I was finally going to plant a full herb garden.   I eventually talked to some sensible people who reminded me that a "full herb garden" might overload me just a tad, and perhaps I should settle for a smaller, more manageable set of basic herbs, grown in pots on my porch. Then, as things start getting finished, I can set things up to have a much larger garden next year if I want. 

I conceded. 

I went to the nursery with my grandfather, since we both love plants and gardening. He is a very experienced farmer, and has gardened in Utah his whole life. We had a grand old time, and he helped me whittle down my list to a reasonable list for both budget and manageability. 

The Final List: Herb Garden
Sweet Basil (x2)
Lemon Basil
Opal Basil
Peppermint (Papa is growing spearmint at his house [whether he wants to or not--a rogue spearmint family took over one of Nana's flower beds] so I'll get some from him)
Chocolate Mint (my future pastry endeavors are very excited)
Lemon Thyme
Lemon Verbena
English Lavender
Purple Sage

Oregano and Purple Sage
A very pretty pot, and they will both bush out very well, inShu'allah. 

English Lavender and Rosemary
I was a little hesitant to put these both in the same pot. But The nursery lady said it should work, and I can get a bigger pot to winter them over as they grow larger? I don't know, but it smells FABULOUS.


 The mints (Chocolate Mint on the left, Peppermint on the right) but got their own pots.....because mint takes over EVERYTHING. Luckily, I also use it all the time. SO EXCITED for the lemonade and pastry and jelly and creams and lamb chops. 

Sweet Basil
Opal basil, lemon basil, lemon thyme!
Chicken, pesto, fish, pesto, salad, pesto....

PESTO TIME.  Two sweet basil plants, and a purple/opal basil, and lemon basil. So, so, SO delicious. 

Lemon Verbena
All the mocktails. So stoked. 
Thyme, Chives

A culinary eye will notice many essentials missing from the list: coriander/cilantro, sage, Thai basil, any kind of parsley, shallots, dill, borage, majoram, geranium, marigolds, lemongrass, lemon balm, French lavender, watercress, and a HOST of other possibilities. 
But, alas. It would be nigh on to impossible for me to grow every kind of deliciously flavored plant that I could want. (Especially since I don't have a greenhouse yet). This little herb garden of mine makes me very happy, however, and I find great joy in knowing that I am on the road to fulfilling this particular life dream. 

Also, if you happen to be in the local area and are growing herbs and vegetables of your own, particularly those not on my list, I would be very interested in trading for some of your harvest. Particularly if you enjoy French pastry. Danishes for onions or apricots? Croissants for berries or tomatoes or cilantro? Whatever. I'm down. 
...But seriously. 

I'm hoping to also plant some purple bell peppers, red/yellow/orange/brown bell peppers, and onions. I'm not sure how feasible a vegetable garden will be on top of school and work, but as the summer schedule starts working out I can decide. 
Happy Spring!!

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