Friday, June 1, 2012


My goodness. It's been almost 3 months since I've written anything that counts as a decent post.

Life has been moving forward. Sometimes much to slowly, in other ways much, much too quickly. Trying to finish some classes this summer, working as close to full-time as I can, moving, working on a couple weddings, getting my family ready to move, ignoring a couple other weddings, wishing I didn't have to move AGAIN (too many movings!!!), loving my roommates, planning parties, attending parties, meeting new people at parties, cooking for parties (lots of parties), drumming, watching DCI videos, reading books I don't want to read, reading books I love to read, riding with my roommate to the store in the middle of the night blasting really loud music and dancing...pretty typical semester "break."

My brother is graduating this weekend, so I get to visit them. I love, love, love, love the Northwest. I love my trees and my grapes and my berries and my garden the size of a college apartment and the little rabbits and squirrels and quail and bunnies and the hawks and the eagles and the mountain cats. I love how the mountains are purple, like mountains are supposed to be, and the yellows and browns and light greens and reds of the plants and trees. I love the old barn and the shed and the chicken coop, and the wood fences and the tree stumps and the forest garden down the side of the house.

I love being with my family and should-be-family-- eating chicken nuggets and watching NCIS, swapping "built it/burned it/blew it up" stories (man, my Papa has some good ones!), service projects, yard work, planning business endeavors and craft projects and weddings, telling flirting&dating stories (again, Papa is hard to beat. Robert and I give him a run for his money, though.  Mom tries to tell us that particular Gerber trait skipped a generation....:-) ), and helping each other out.  While I will miss the trees and the yard and the orchard terribly--I am SO STOKED for Robert to come down to school.  We'll all be within a few hours of each other (with the international airport, even SV isn't that far)!  I'm hoping for and planning on some really good times. As my mom fondly explained to me-- my problem when I moved away was that I grew up thinking I was normal. But, in that family, I am normal. And I love having a place where I belong.

So, the closing pages of this chapter of our lives--here's to the next one. :-)

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wow! lots going on! exciting!