Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ghost of Halftimes Past

Today, I was at work, handing out crepes and strawberries like a good Foodie.  No big deal; just some of the best food people have ever eaten. The normal amount of life-changing culinary magic. 

All is well and generally normal,  when suddenly an older-side-of-middle-aged woman cries out "Hey! I know you! You played the cymbals!" 

O.O ... <.< ...  >.>...o.o

I stand there, not quite sure what to do. Kind of a deer-in-headlights reaction. Strange. 

My meta-oriented alter-ego marvels at my own reaction (or, lack thereof) for a moment. 

Woman-whom-I-do-not-yet-recognize continues her exclamatory explanation. "You twirled them around like a Crazy! Right in the middle of that really cool halftime show! Remember??" She proceeds to imitate me twirling cymbals.

                     In the middle of the grocery store. 
                                      In front of my boss. 
                                                 And The Big Boss. 

I couldn't help it-- I burst out laughing. She grinned and we chatted back and forth for a bit. 

"I always wondered what happened to you," she says. "Somebody told me you were injured! And that's why you never came back! Well, you're better now!! What are you doing here?? Go join the marching band! Are you still a student?"
I explained I was a culinary student. At that, she decided to eat the warm, paper-thin crepe with balsamic strawberries, creme fraiche, and lemon sugar that was nestled in the souffle cup in her hands. 

"I admit," she says, " This is YUMMY. Are you here all the time? I suppose I shop here, now. And I guess I will just have to watch for you on the next celebrity chef cooking show....I'll send them a clip of you in the band...."

 ..... that halftime show was in 2009...almost 4 years ago now. Must have made an impression.

Thank you, random store customer. That was extremely validating. 

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