Saturday, May 25, 2013


I've spent most of my time the last few days pondering things that do not belong on the bloggosphere. However, I wanted to write an update so I don't fall out of the habit of doing so.

tonight, I came home from work a little late, so, around 830.  I wanted some ice cream, but had no chocolate fudge sauce. Seemed a little silly to eaet peppermint ice cream without any fudge sauce, if I could help it. So, I threw in a stick of butter, cup and a half or so of 60% dark chocolate chips (whatever was left in the bag. It looked like enough...or, as close to "enough" as a finite amount of chocolate could be).  Also, a can of sweetened condensed milk. Melt the butter, throw in chocolate til melted, as milk. Incorporate til smooth.
Beautiful. And easy.

So then I'm playing brain training memory and arithmetic games on my computer. that's cool. Start reading over my transcript from last night.  Finished ice cream (notice there was no mention of dinner, or lunch in my daily run-down). Took a mental nap, while physical brain stayed mostly awake.

Woke up. Turned on my music to Vocal Point, made bananas foster, put away the chocolate sauce, gathered stuff for crepes, made 1.5 lb ground beef, cleaned my fridge, macerated 3 lb starwberries, did tons of dishes.

yup.  Productive Friday night! 

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