Sunday, May 19, 2013


"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."  
--Mahatma Ghandi    

Food Allergies, meet Sabina.  You've been long-time companions.  She has never considered you an enemy, nor really a friend. Just a companion she received to help teach her things in this life she is trying to live. It's time that you knew her name.  I am writing on her behalf, with a message of both urgency and weighty import. 

I feel I must make you aware, Allergies, that Sabina no longer cares about you, and will do what she wants. 

"What she wants" includes being a phenomenal chef, of both the Professional and Sought-After varieties. 

This requires her to be able to be around food. Including shellfish, tree nuts, and other allergens. 
So kindly back off. 

Now, Allergies, don't think I am demanding too much of you.  She doesn't actually have to EAT the food. You can still have that part. You have been a long-time and faithful companion, and shall have at least part of your required payment for such loyal company. 

She will take the medication that you have required, and participate in ridiculous-looking protections such as medical-grade gloves (though your agreement with Mr. Latex makes it rather complicated to do so) and breathing masks. I ask you to see reason, Allergies, and you must accept this as a reasonable compromise. 

As I have stated:  you agreement to these terms is not required.  This letter is strictly for your information. Sabina will now continue to be Awesome.  It is fully expected that her sheer force of willpower* will leave you in the dust. See Ether 12:27 for further explanation. 

Sincerely No-Longer-Yours,
Mae   (Mental Alter-Ego)
On behalf of Sabina Michelle

*Willpower: an energetic ability and control one has over ones own behavior, reactions, responses, and actions.
 As we exercise faith, we willingly hand over our will (willpower) to the Lord, giving him control over our behavior, reactions, responses, and actions.  As we do so, He will endow us will the power we need to move forward and the strength we need to be happy. Cool, right?   (of course there is a lot more to think about with that, but it's a jumping-off point). 

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