Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Missionary Send Off

Robert left on a mission today. I will miss that kid.

He left Mom and I notes before he left, with instruction not to read it until he was out the door.

Mom opened hers, and was tearing up, and....yeah pretty much burst into tears, saying things about her stripling warrior and how awesome he was going to be, out serving God for two years full-time, and all that.

I go in the kitchen to open mine, anticipating something similar.

"Dear Sabina:  You better write me!! And cook me food!!...."  with further instruction to not mess up his Facebook. Also, that I need to work on my Lord of the Rings quotes while he is gone, as my skills of "recitation of Theodin King at the drop of a hat" need some work.

Thanks Robert, for those words of wisdom.

Godspeed, Elder. I've got to go put your first package together. 

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