Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wish I Had a Time-Turner

The other day, I had a passing conversation about a cafe in the area "that you've probably never heard of," you know? That kind of place. A lot of my friends like this cafe, and it had come up as a recommendation for where to go to dinner. I don't know anyone who works there, and I don't frequent this particular restaurant. I do, however, love the food, and the set-up. It's a cool concept. 

Anyway, I had a good evening and kind of forgot about the conversation. 

On my way back home, I had just gotten on the freeway when I realized I had a missed call. Didn't recognize the number, so I called it back. 

le Me: "Hi, this is Sabina. I missed a call from this number?"
adult female voice: "Oh!  Great! So glad you called back! thisissoandsofromsuchnsuchandiwascallingtoask: do you have a job?"
le Me: "uh.....what? I didn't catch that.  Who is this?"

afv: "Oh! Sorry. This is (so-and-so), calling from (the cafe I had been talking about earlier)."
Me:  "Oh! [there were a lot of "oh!"s in this conversation] Uh, cool! what's up?"
So-and-So: "Well, we were just calling to see if you were interested--see, your name came up, and it looks like you have quite a bit of kitchen experience, and you come definitely recommended. We are looking for a kitchen manager, and we're wondering if you already have a job, or if you would be interested in looking at the position."

To my knowledge, I have never applied to this cafe before. I had no idea how they got my number or my resume and asked her to clarify said points. 
I'm still not sure how they got it. She just said that "they" said I was "highly recommended." 

My little mental alter-ego--the one that you see cartoon-ified on Facebook occasionally--was SUPER, SUPER excited. With just a titch of "say wuuuuuuuuut??" 

Unfortunately/fortunately, I already have a job requiring me to work afternoon/evenings. Were I still in my 3am-noon position, I may have actually tried to do both. And then I would have died. 

It was a flattering event. Even if it was just a small little Provo cafe. Started me to thinking that, while I'm not anybody in the culinary world yet....there's that little three-letter word. 


Icie said...

WOW! That's super flattering.

Icie said...

Wow. That's super flattering.