Friday, May 3, 2013

Real Reason

I'm pretty sure the real reason I'm not married is that, before being married, I would have to be engaged.  

And that means engagement pictures. 

And that means me, in front of a camera, with a fabulous looking man... feeling like an idiot. 

I never know what to do with my face. Or my arms. Or the rest of me. So I stand there looking awkward. I'm not good at standing still! Any particular still shot of me is going to have a hard time capturing who I am, because very little of me is actually still. Ever. 

I have insecurities like everybody else has--I don't like my teeth, I'm too short or too fat or too white or whatever. I tend to get over those later.  Mostly the problem is a camera makes me uncomfortable, and that is not a natural state for me. So all my pictures look awkward--because I FEEL awkward!

I should work on that. 

...Or I could just stay single. ;-)

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MH said...

I definitely picked the date for my engagement pictures because I was ovulating at the time, and it was easier to just be lovey-dovey with each other while the camera was clicking away. I also appreciate a lot of input from the photographer about what looks good through the lens :)